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"As featured, in the July/August, 2010 issue of PETS Magazine" Barrie Ontario Chinchillas is a small, home-based hobby breeder located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, an hour North of Toronto. 

Rare Births:

This male was born to (mom -a TOV mosaic white) and dad (standard grey- with two grey parents) were only able to produce 4 color mutations, or should only be able to. A rare recessive gene has resulted in a true albino birth (not typical 'albino' chinchillas which are just pink white or beige white- this is a true albino gene!)  This picture was taken hours after the delivery.

Company Vision:

"We practice pair breeding in spacious cages. Each of our breeding chinchillas has been carefully selected and imported from top breeders in Canada and USA. Each of our chinchillas is pedigreed and has been carefully bred for many generations to ensure healthy and happy babies." 

"We breed for quality, striving for chinchillas with rounded faces, dense plushy fur, and clarity of colour. Our chinchillas tend to be large with even temperaments, and are very friendly and outgoing (handled daily from birth, well socialized). Please see our testimonials page for reviews from many of our happy customers."

IMPORTANT: Our chinchillas are malloclusion free in all generations and include a pedigree and health guarantee. They also are in excellent health and temperament, our chinchillas are carefully selected for breeding and our goal is to maintain all health and breed standards consistent with a responsible quality chinchilla breeder!

Standards of Care:

Our chinchillas receive only the best of care living in spacious cages and fed quality food and hay. We practice pair breeding only. We aim to provide healthy, loving pets, as well as, show quality breeding stock. 

Chinchillas have a gentle nature and have no natural odor, because of this they are gaining popularity as pets. Please view the care sheet on our website to see if the chinchilla is right for your family. 

Each chinchilla purchased includes a pedigree, health guarantee, food to transition into a new diet, as well as on-going help and support. 

We are currently focusing on select mutations (colours and patterns). Our breeding chinchillas are selected carefully and examined for health and desired characteristics of the breed. Chinchillas in our herd have been assessed for genetic conditions and chosen for improvement of breed standards. 


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Thank you for your cooperation. 

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